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Mulch Masters is Jacksonville leading source of landscape supplies at low cost. Mulch, Soil, Rocks and Stones, Gravel, Plants, Trees & Shrubs, and more.

We can deliver all our products, including all the plants; we make it easy for you!

We also sell railroad ties and products for various landscape projects. We can deliver and install all our products in a timely and professional manner. Our landscaping specialists are ready to help you!

Mulch Masters Landscape Supply Company is locally owned and operated; we been in business since 1987.

Please visit us at 230 Lee Road, Jacksonville, FL. Or call us at 904 727-1100 to discuss your landscaping needs. We are ready to help you!

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  • Wild Earth™ Enriched Groundcover


    Enriched groundcover mulch

    Wild Earth™ is proud to present this added value mulch product that has been proven through University and field research to enhance and maintain plant health. The special binders used in the enriched mulch colorant and the cohesiveness of our nutrient package assures our amendments adhere to the mulch.
    After surviving the stress of the coloring process, only the nutrient package remains water soluble after the colorant has cured to the wood. The result is mulch that becomes a slow release organic plant nutrition medium, activated by rain or irrigation.
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Need help for landscaping your yard?

Mulch Masters Full Service Maintenance Division can help you with weekly maintenance, product installation, or even spring clean-up! Get a quick cost estimate.

Need landscape ideas to add variety to your garden or add color year-round? Let Mulch Masters landscaping specialists help you to design and pick the perfect plants for your property.

We can help you to design a beautiful yard, deliver all of the materials, and even install it for you!

Landscape Maintenance

Comand™ Turf Soil

COMAND™ Soil Product

What makes Comand™ product so unique?

Comand™ is a specialty top dressing soil manufactured using different blends of high-quality sand and a unique compost product derived from a proprietary composting process. Comand™ Turf Soil is not a pesticide. Research has shown that increased populations of certain microorganisms can suppress plant diseases in turfgrass, such as Dollar Spot and Brown Patch, as well as being antagonistic to nematodes.


Soil Mix #3

Wild Earth™ Original Soil With Organic Fertilizer

All-natural soil Mix#3 is an organic growing soil mix for vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs, and for ground preparation for laying sod. Soil Mix #3 is a blend of wheat straw, chicken litter, cottonseed hulls, gypsum, organic compost, and pine products.

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