Jasmine Confederate

Jasmine Confederate

Care Information

Confederate jasmine can be planted throughout Florida and prefers well-drained locations that receive full or partial sun. Plants grown in full sun will produce the most flowers. Be sure to provide plants with adequate space, since vines can grow twenty feet or more if left unpruned. Pinching back the tips of the vines will encourage branching and produce fuller plants.

  1. Light Needs: Full Sun to Partial shade
  2. Watering Needs: Prefers well-moistened soil and can't tolerate dry conditions.


Product Overview:

Asian jasmine (Trachelospermum asiaticum), or 'Dwarf Confederate' jasmine, is a multi-stemmed shrub that produces vine-like, woody branches. This sprawling plant is a true ground cover, as it forms a thick mat over the planting area. Asian jasmine plants are very drought- and cold-tolerant; they can survive dry, arid conditions when grass cannot, and Asian jasmine plants stay green after freezing. Asiatic jasmine can grow in full sun or in deep shade, where turfgrass will not grow. In South Florida, it prefers partial to full shade. Asiatic jasmine forms a thick mat that blankets the ground. The ground cover is more tolerant of drought than most turfgrasses, and resists weeds and pests.

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