Flax Lily

Flax Lily

Care Information

This plant does well in well-drained soil located in areas with either sun or part shade, making it ideal for areas with shifting levels of sunshine. While flax lily can be killed back by frost, if your plant is well-established it will likely grow back from the roots once temperatures begin to warm back up. If you notice your established flax lilies have lots of dead leaves, or variegated leaves that have reverted to an all-green form, you can cut them down to the crown in late winter.

  1. Light Needs: Full Sun to Partial Shade
  2. Watering Needs: Once established, water occasionally; more in extreme heat or containers.


Product Overview:

Flax lily, Dianella tasmanica, is a spreading perennial with flat, glossy green leaves. This grass-like foliage plant is often used as a groundcover, border plant, or even as an accent plant, to bring color and texture into the landscape. This fast-growing plant also works well in containers. Drought-tolerant flax lily requires little care in the landscape once it is established, making it ideal for the busy gardener.

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