Sky Pencil

Sky Pencil

Care Information

Dig the planting hole as deep as the root ball and two to three times wider. Mix some compost with the fill dirt if your soil is heavy clay or sand. As you backfill the hole, press down with your foot from time to time to remove air pockets. Water deeply after planting and add more fill dirt if the soil settles. Apply 2 to 4 inches of organic mulch over the root zone to help keep the soil moist, and water often until the plant is established and growing.

  1. Light Needs: Full Sun or Partial Shade
  2. Watering Needs: Water regularly - weekly, or more often in extreme heat or containers.


Product Overview:

Unique and with a style all its own, Sky Pencil holly (Ilex crenata 'Sky Pencil') is a versatile plant with dozens of uses in the landscape. The first thing you'll notice is its narrow, columnar shape. If left to grow naturally, it grows no more than 2 feet wide, and you can prune it to just a foot in width. It is a cultivar (cultivated variety) of Japanese holly and has evergreen foliage that resembles boxwoods more than hollies. Read on to find out how to plant a Sky Pencil holly and how easy it is to care for this interesting plant.

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