Care Information

The Nandina requires little care and it knows practically no pests or diseases unless it is stressed. Nandina may need special attention to keep it from becoming a nuisance. Plant your nandina in well-drained, rich soil. The plant may turn yellowish if planted in strongly alkaline soils.

  1. Light Needs: This plant cannot grow in full shade but thrives in sun or speckled shade.
  2. Watering Needs: Keep the plant's soil moist but not saturated at all times.


Product Overview:

The Nandia is a hardy adaptable plant thriving in various locations earning it the nickname Heavenly Bamboo, but it's actually an evergreen shrub and not a member of the grass family. It is a woody bush that grows in a lace like pattern and retains its leaves in the coldest of months. Nandina's flowers and bright red berries attract bees, mockingbirds, cedar waxwings and robins, while its foliage provides lovely color for a backyard garden throughout the year.

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