Mushroom/Manure Compost

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Mushroom Compost


  1. Months of aerobic composting
  2. Mix with composted cow manure for best long term results
  3. Use in flower beds and gardens, vegetables, bushes, shrubs and trees and spread across your lawn.


Product Overview:

A BI-product of modern mushroom farming, this compost is a versatile product with a variety of uses. It is a high organic media that helps retain moisture and improves water uptake and holds nutrients. Economic and environmentally safe. Great for commercial use as a soil builder for field grown nursery stock, substitute for peat in potting soil and it is great for building up golf course fairways and plantings. Mushroom compost is a good general all-around organic soil conditioner.

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Wild Earth Mushroom Compost
Wild Earth Mushroom Compost
Wild Earth Mushroom Compost


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