Off-Road Delivery Agreement

I understand that I am responsible for any and all damage to my property and/or Mulch Masters, Inc. equipment used to affect this delivery. I further understand that I am responsible for any and all towing, wrecker and/or on site or off site repairs/extrication expenses in the event the before mentioned property of Mulch Masters, Inc. becomes stuck or disabled while on my property. I agree to hold harmless Mulch Masters, Inc. the owners and employees thereof making and/or involved in this delivery. I fully and completely understand that my driveway may be broken and/or cracked, my grass, shrubs, plants, trees, lawn ornaments, irrigation system may be damaged and I accept these possibilities. I will not attempt to claim after the fact that I was unaware, uninformed, or led to believe otherwise.
By submitting this form I ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY.