Comand™ Turf Soil

All natural and eco friendly Comand™ Turf Soil

Benefits of Using Comand™

  1. Improved soil structure and porosity, thus creating a better root environment
  2. Improved water holding in light soils, providing greater drought resistance and more efficient water utilization
  3. Increases infiltration and permeability, thus maintaining percolation rates
  4. Supplies an array of slow release macro and micronutrients
  5. More even turf color, green-up without excessive top growth
  6. Increased soil cation-exchange capacity (CEC), thus improving the soils ability to hold nutrients
  7. Improved wear tolerance
  8. Improved beneficial soil microorganism activity
  9. Reduced thatch
  10. Biological suppression of diseases

Sustainable Stewardship
Improved Turf Performance

  • Superior Quality
  • Lab Tested
  • Consistent
  • 100% Natural
  • Chemical Free
  • Weed Free
  • Diverse Biology
  • Fully Sanitized

Additional Info


What is Comand™

Comand™ is a specialty top dressing manufactured using varying blends of high quality sand and a unique compost product derived from a proprietary composting process.

Comand™ is not a pesticide. However, it contains naturally - occurring microorganisms, which may help to suppress soil-borne populations of some plant diseases. Research has shown that increased populations of certain microorganisms can suppress plant diseases in turfgrass, such as Dollar Spot and Brown Patch, as well as being antagonistic to nematodes.

What makes Comand™ so unique?

Comand™ is derived from the high temperature, aerobic decomposition of organic residuals under strictly controlled conditions. The use of Harvest Quest's proprietary inoculant and our unique Modified Static Aerobic Pile (MSAP) composting process allows bacterial densities to increase optimally. Resulting in the production of superior-quality compost carefully processed to maintain excellent soil building attributes and a remarkable abundance of beneficial microorganisms.

The finished compost is screened to a very fine consistency (1/8"), which removes woody particles, making Comand™ suitable for applying to closely mown turf. Comand™ adds high quality organic matter to soils and turf media, increasing its quality and long-term success. In recent years, rising public interest in organic lawn care and sustainable practices has resulted in a shift towards limiting the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The use of Comand™ can result in significant reductions in the use of fertilizer, irrigation water, pesticides and overseeding. In addition, the unique, high-quality compost utilized in Comand™ is derived from the controlled decomposition of organic waste materials and is thus considered a recycled product.

COMAND™ Soil builder
All natural and eco friendly Comand™ Turf Soil
All natural and eco friendly Comand™ Turf Soil
COMAND application to bare area of St Augustine grass


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