Sabal Palm

Sabal Palm

Care Information

Sabal Palms do not require anything special that other palms do not require. Simply follow the instructions on the bag. Don't just cut open a bag and start pouring. You paid way to much for your tree to kill it the first season. Over fertilizing can kill young newly established trees. Also only put fertilizer on moist soil and after applying make sure to water it in. You should consider buying a slow release fertilizer. It will cost a little more but will give more even results and is easier on the tree. Plus it will be less work on you since it continues to work long after it is put down. Also, use a fertilizer with supplemental magnesium and calcium.

  1. Light Needs: Full to partial shade
  2. Watering Needs: Sabal / Sable Palms grow best in moist soil and grow faster when they are well irrigated. But like most palms, they are also very drought resistant and can survive a dry season with relative ease.


Product Overview:

The Sabal Palm is one of the most popular and common palm trees. It is also very hearty and if properly cared for after planting will lead a long healthy life. People like the Sabal for its look and affordable price. If your Sabal palms are the correct species for you temperature zone, then once established they will need very little maintenance. Their size and full crowns add beauty and elegance to any landscape. To grow beautiful, healthy sabal palms you need to follow a few basic steps. Water, prune and fertilize and in colder climates, winterize.

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