Wild Earth™ Enriched Groundcover Mulch

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Product Overview

Wild Earth Products is proud to present this added value mulch product that has been proven through University and field research to enhance and maintain plant health.

By introducing our organic nutrient package into the mulch colorant, we have developed an integrated plant support system, incorporating a proprietary blend of organic nutrients (that are environmentally safe and approved by the USDA for organic crop production) into a specially formulated mulch colorant. State of the art manufacturing equipment further enhances this product with advanced application capability.

The special binders used in the enriched mulch colorant and the cohesiveness of our nutrient package assures our amendments adhere to the mulch. After surviving the stress of the coloring process, only the nutrient package remains water soluble after the colorant has cured to the wood.

The result is mulch that becomes a slow release organic plant nutrition medium, activated by rain or irrigation. Since this formulation is not a fertilizer and benefits plants at ratios in the parts per billion, our ground cover for improving plant health and growth is very efficient and economical.

Wild Earth mulch functions as a weed barrier while contributing to plant health, reducing fertilization and chemical cost.


Stronger GrowthSuppresses weeds & feeds plants
More RootsMore Roots
Bigger LeavesBigger Leaves
Darker ColorsDarker Colors
More BloomsMore Blooms
Stronger GrowthStronger Growth


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