Wild Earth Top Dressing

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Wild Earth Top Soil

Product Overview:

A highly organic compost for top dressing lawns and feeding root zones. Fortified with Kelp, Humates and a complete organic nutrition package proven beneficial for all grass varieties.

  • Stimulates depth and mass of root development in lawns.
  • Improves resistance to disease and nematodes.
  • Speeds grow-back and repair to damaged surfaces.
  • Quick "green-up".
  • More resistance to the stress of heavy usage on sports fields.
  • Improves resistance to sever weather conditions.
  • Improves fungicide performance.
  • Raises Catatonic Exchange Capacity.
  • Speeds germination and sod grow-in.

The amendments in Wild Earth Top Dressing have been approved by the USDA for organic crop production.

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Wild Earth Top Soil
Wild Earth Top Soil


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