Oak Laurel


Laurel oak is a tree of pleasing symmetry. It is fast growing, tall, and full. Laurel oak grows scattered with other hardwoods in well-drained hammocks near the edges of streams and rivers. In Florida, it can also be found in flatwoods and moderately well drained soils. It occurs throughout the coastal plain from southeastern Virginia to central Florida and west to southern Texas. Laurel oak is abundant in Florida's urban and rural areas and is a common ornamental in other parts of the south. It also becomes a common component in pine forests when fire is excluded from those systems.

Care Information

Laurel oaks have a life span of 50 to 70 years. Tree trunks and large branches often hollow from decay and wood rot. The smallest trunk injury or improper pruning cut can result in columns of decay inside the trunk which are 10, 20 or more feet long. Live oak, and other oaks are more resistant to decay and live longer.

  • Light Needs: Full Sun

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Oak Laurel


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