Microorganisms are Essential for Plant Life

Posted: July 13, 2017 | Mulch Masters

All natural and eco friendly - Comand™ Turf Soil

Rich fertile soil is essential for the maintenance, enrichment, and natural growth of healthier lawns. Mulch Master's now utilizes Comand™ Turf Soil which contains naturally occurring microorganisms. When it comes to considering healthy lawns, fertilizing the soil, cycling necessary nutrients, and decomposing organic matter are three areas where microorganisms are essential. The importance of these microbes is seen through decreased plant diseases, particularly dollar spots and brown patches, and increased soil fertility for greater production yields.

Scientific research continues to explore the many possibilities for promoting healthy microbial populations in the soil. And although microorganisms are primarily influenced by necessary soil characteristics such as moisture and oxygen they are also influenced by other organisms in the soil environment that enhance the benefits of the soil in its entirety.

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