Sweet Almond

Golden Sedum

Care Information

Sweet Almond thrive in soil that is acidic. The soil pH should ideally be between 4 and 5. Soil can be acidified by mixing a small amount of granulated sulfur into the soil several months before planting. Peat moss, as well as pine bark or needles, are also good additions that will help acidify your soil.

  1. Light Needs: Filtered to full sun
  2. Watering Needs: Once established, requires only occasional watering.


Product Overview:

Petite rosettes of succulent leaves have a golden-apricot hue, with tips tinged pink to red dependent on season and sun exposure. Trailing stems form a colorful low mat. Star shaped flowers add charm. Durable and drought tolerant, this versatile plant tolerates regular garden water, making it useful for rock gardens and borders, or massed as a low maintenence ground cover. Tuck at the edge of rock paths or into green walls or allow to spill out of mixed containers, where it will add a splash of interesting color.

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