Florida Paspalum

Florida Paspalum

Care Information

Florida paspalum can be seeded in a pure stand or in a mix of other species with a seeding depth. The smooth seed can be planted with most seed drills or broadcast seeded into a firm seedbed. Florida paspalum establishes readily from seed with little to no stratification.

  1. Light Needs: Full Sun
  2. Watering Needs: Medium to wet.


Product Overview:

Paspalum floridanum. commonly called Florida paspalum, is a rhizomatous, Missouri native, perennial grass which occurs in moist, sandy soils in fields, meadows, low ground and along streams and roads in only a few counties in the deep southern part of the State. Typically forms sparse clumps and grows 3-4.5' tall. Features narrow leaf blades and greenish flowers in August to September. Inflorescenses have one or more racemes, each to 4" long with large spikelets which are arranged in pairs.

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