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Posted: August 16, 2018 | Mulch Masters

Plants with Bio-stimulant

Here at Mulch Masters we are looking to introduce a product that will not only cut down on the days you need to be out tending to your plants but in your stead will increase the Natural Organic Soil Health in which all our plants depend. In our flower beds, shrub lines, manicured gardens we know that keeping a mulch ground enhances the earth's ability to maintain proper soil moisture levels, mycelial network, and good bacterium that promote proper root growth, structure, and feeding of the plant. These microbes and proper levels of moisture and minerals act as "Yogurt for the Earth" increasing the "Probiotic Biome" that acts as the gut of the plant.

In the long and hot Summer days of Florida we look for an advantage to taking care of our Outdoor Responsibilities without being "Outdoors as much". With all the beautiful plants in our yard we need to water, prune, trim, mulch constantly to keep up with the overgrowth and wavering in the heat.

Mulch Masters is proud to present this added value into a Mulch named "Perform" that has been shown to enhance and maintain proper plant health.

By introducing our proprietary organic nutrient package into the mulch colorant stream. We have developed an integrated plant support system by incorporating our proprietary blend of Leonardite Humate (All mined in the U.S.A.) and other organic nutrients with a specially formulated mulch colorant. State of the Art manufacturing application capability.

The special binders used in the mulch dye formulation and the cohesiveness of the formulation assures our amendments adhere to the mulch. After surviving the stress of the coloring process, only our nutrient package remains water soluble, even after the colorant has cured to the wood.

The result is mulch that becomes a slow release nutrition medium, activated by rain or irrigation. Since our formulation has been shown to benefit plants at dilutions as high as a parts per billion ratio, our System for improving plant health and growth is very efficient and economical.

Perform mulch functions as a weed barrier while contributing to plant health, reducing fertilizer, and chemical cost, and you from having to over extend yourself in the heat of our Florida Summers. Your plants will thank you.

Check in on our Website frequently and follow us on Facebook. We will be getting a selection in soon of Perform Mulch and will have it ready for you for delivery or pickup.

Have a great day and as always Happy Planting.

Your Plant Buddy Extraordinaire

Plants with Bio-stimulant
Plants with Bio-stimulant


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